Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Roots Bracelet

After seeing a friend at school wearing this Roots bracelet, which sports "Stop Global Warming," I had to have it. I also got the bracelet for friends who are similarly concerned about the earth. The coolest part about the accessory? It's completely made of scrap leather from Roots' leather goods, so it's recycled. And better yet, the entire $5 you pay for it goes to the Global Warming Fund.

Image: roots.com


Anonymous said...

Its cool that there is something on this blog that is about the environment! I care so much about our environment, and it is great to hear someone else caring about it too and also care about fashion.

Mael Glon said...

Hey maddie, I am posting on this one because that is exactly what my bracelet looks like. Anyways, nice job with this. It is really neat and easy to follow and read. I'll make sure to go out and buy all of these items to help my summer fashion! :)
See you soon!