Thursday, July 5, 2007

Christian Lacroix Couture

I normally think of Christian Lacroix dresses as a bit too eccentric and theatrical for my taste. However, I checked out his latest couture collection, and I love it (I must admit that I was wrong in my earlier judgment)! His dresses are impeccable in detail (I can tell just from the photos!) and I can just imagine the celebrities waiting to wear some of these dresses to a premiere or awards show. Bravo!

Photo: Madeira

The jewels in her hair are very pretty.
I love the plum nail polish... a nice alternative to black.
I love the bow on these heels.
This has a little bit of a bohemian flair... perfect for Kate Hudson or Sienna Miller!
Calling Natalie Portman!
And for Kirsten Dunst, this stunner.

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Anonymous said...

This collection is amazing. Every piece has gorgeous detail and hair and makeup is beautiful. I love everything in these pictures-especially the black dresses. They are absolutely brilliant and dazzling. Thanks for posting this.